10 Horrible Black Friday Shopping Disasters

Horrible Black Friday shopping disasters. In United States a day followed by Thanksgiving Day is known as Black Friday. It is celebrated on 4th Thursday of the November every year. On this day major retailers offer promotional sales and huge discounts on products. There are also some horror stories related to this big sales day that happened due to aggressive nature of the people. You may also like to check out hilarious photos of shoppers at Walmart.

Horrible Black Friday Shopping Disasters

Here is a top 10 list of worst Black Friday disaster news that will make think twice about leaving the house:

10. Crazy Black Friday Fight for TV

Police had to be called in on the scene to break up a fight over a discounted flat-screen television at a Wal-Mart store. The sight is unbelievable as the woman still tries to hold the boxed TV set. All the while being thrown to the floor and restrained by the two cops.