10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever

10+ most bizarre beauty contest ever. You guys may have seen beauty contests in which beautiful girls participate. But have you ever heard of any strange beauty pageant? Top Unknowns bring you some of the strange beauty pageants from around the globe.

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever

Miss Landmine

Between 1975 and 2002, the African nation of Angola was devastated by a civil war. In this conflict, millions of landmines were planted which continue to kill and injure people today. In fact, landmines have had such a huge impact on this nation that women injured in explosions have been given their very own beauty pageant. In this competition women who have been mutilated by landmines compete in a fashion similar to more conventional pageants. The difference is that the winner gets a new artificial limb.

Miss Klingon Empire

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Miss Klingon Empire

This strange contest is proof that even nerds love a good beauty pageant. As you can probably guess, Miss Klingon Empire is a contest to crown the most beautiful Klingon on earth. OK, so they aren’t real Klingons, but what other beauty contest has women speak in Klingon and the song sing about star trek related stuff while the contestants strut their stuff in full Klingon regalia. Bad makeup, jokes only a Trekkie would get and a talent portion that’ll make you question that what you are watching, all make the Miss Klingon Empire competition stand out from other beauty contests.

Miss Penitentiary

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Miss Penitentiary

When you think of beauty pageants you probably don’t think of jail. In South America, Russia and Eastern Europe, however, female inmates are dressing up and taking part in jailhouse competitions. The most famous occur in Brazil at the women’s prison of Brasilia where nearly 100 women take part in the annual event. Here, under the watchful eyes of heavily armed guards, the women show off their talents and strut their stuff to win votes from the judges. When it’s all over, the winner gets $1000 in their prison bank account and all the contestants are returned to their cells.

Miss Beautiful Ape

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Miss Beautiful Ape

In 1974, women came to Century City, Los Angeles to take part in this very unusual pageant. As part of the release of “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” a pageant was formed which saw the female contestants do all the usual things, you’d expect such as answer questions and wear bathing suits. The big different was that the participants also had to do all this while wearing an ape mask. Strange to say the least, the winner received a role in the fifth installment of the series “Battle for the Planet of the Apes.”

Chicken Beauty Pageant

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Chicken Beauty Pageant

If you have ever been to a country fair then you know part of the festivities can involve judging farm animals. In Malaysia, they take things a bit further with their chicken pageants. Held nearly every week, these beauty pageants are serious business, similar to dog shows in North America. Chickens are judged on general appearance but also earn marks on how much they puff out their chest, how soldier like they are and how fierce they appear. While strutting on the runway, these chickens are known to pull off rather interesting poses which are all real and not scripted.

Miss Barbie Venezuela

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Miss Barbie Venezuela

You are probably used to seeing little girls dress up their Barbie dolls and play with them. In Venezuela, this activity is taken to a drastically new level. Here Barbie is so popular that she has her own beauty pageant where crown adults compete using their own dolls. Entrants dress their dolls, do their hair and quickly change them into new clothing for each portion of the competition. There’s even a question period where the dolls’ owners answer all the beauty pageant questions you’d expect to be asked. The competition is taken very seriously by participants as the winner moves on the coveted Miss Barbie universe pageant.

Miss Plastic

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Miss Plastic

In the past, women who had surgical enhancements and plastic surgeries were banned from competing in the more traditional beauty pageants. In response, ‘naturally challenged’ beauties in Hungary decided to create their own pageant. The miss plastic competition is like any other beauty pageant but women who enter must have had major work done to be eligible. Just having Botox or collagen injections isn’t enough. Here, breast implants and nose jobs are a must if you stand any chance of being crowned queen.

Miss Lovely Eyes

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Miss Lovely Eyes

Any competition which requires women to wear a mask or place a bag over their head doesn’t sound like a beauty pageant. Surprisingly, this strange little pageant of the 1930s actually existed. In an effort to isolate the contestant’s eyes, pageant organizers decided that they should just cover the entire face. As you can see, the masks are not flattering and add a creepy element to the competition. The bags, used at some competitions only made things worse and added a horror movie element to an already strange beauty pageant.

The Atomic Bomb Pageant

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - The Atomic Bomb Pageant

In the 1950s, promoters in Las Vegas decided to combine two of the state’s most famous attractions – show girls and atomic bombs. The resulting mix created a short-lived pageant ‘explosion’ which is definitely strange by today’s standards. What made these pageants extra strange was that they tended to coincide with major nuclear tests. With queens gave titles like “Miss-A-Bomb,” “Miss Atomic Blast,” and “Miss Atomic Bomb,” the cherry on top of it all was that the winners wore mushroom cloud-shaped crowns and bathing suits with cotton mushroom clouds attached to the front.

Skunk Beauty Pageant

10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever - Skunk Beauty Pageant

We are guessing that everyone who attends this Birmingham beauty pageant has trouble smelling anything. That’s because this pageant is all about judging skunks. At the skunk beauty pageant, 20 contestants are judged on such things as tail length, personality, and cuteness. Awards for best male and female are handed out to the top skunks after which all of the smelly pets put on their best outfits for the fancy dress competition. Winners take home trophies while the losers are left with nothing – a situation which truly stinks.

Beauty in Epaulets

In order to boost slumping recruitment levels, the Russian military decided to hold a beauty pageant. Gathering service women from all over Russia, the beauty in epaulets competition works to find the most beautiful and deadly women in the Russian armed forces. Contestants undertake a competition which has most of the traditional features of a pageant – with a couple special added activities, in addition to singing, cooking and ballroom dancing, the female contestants have to show their abilities with handguns and assault rifles on the shooting range.

List of 10+ Most Bizarre Beauty Contest Ever

  1. Miss Landmine
  2. Miss Klingon Empire
  3. Miss Penitentiary
  4. Miss Beautiful Ape
  5. Chicken Beauty Pageant
  6. Miss Barbie Venezuela
  7. Miss Plastic
  8. Miss Lovely Eyes
  9. The Atomic Bomb Pageant
  10. Skunk Beauty Pageant
  11. Beauty in Epaulets

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