10 Most Ridiculous Social Media Trends People Followed Blindly

Back in the days when social media didn’t exist, we were spared the luxury of shaking our heads when witnessing the stupid things people did on a daily basis. But now the social sphere has allowed us to more conveniently point and laugh at our friends, or even better make fun of others mistakes, from the comfort of our own phones. Here are the 10 most ridiculous social media trends people followed blindly.

10 Most Ridiculous Social Media Trends

10. Planking

Ridiculous Planking Social Media Trend

Planking takes photography trends to a whole new and disturbing level. People were eager to lie face down anywhere from escalators to bathroom stalls mimicking a plank of wood. Sadly, in an attempt to one up his fellow plankers, a Brisbane resident stiffly posed on a 7th floor apartment balcony, lost his footing and fell to his death.

9. Charlie Charlie Challenge

Ridiculous Charlie Charlie Challenge Social Media Trend

YouTube challenges have always been a great source of senseless inspiration. Challenges like the innocent Charlie Charlie Challenge involves gullible users trying to summon the spirit of Charlie by crossing two pencil over a sheet of paper marked ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and reciting a phrase. While some may believe the movement of the pencils was caused by the spirit of Charlie, others protest that the pencils are simply being moved by breathing on them.

8. Kylie Jenner Challenge

Ridiculous Kylie Jenner Challenge Social Media Trend

Many of you will be familiar with this one. Teens of the net have been attempting the new Kylie Jenner Challenge in efforts to emulate this 18 year old teen’s plump lips, which she has now confirmed that they are the result of lip injections. Teens were clearly not familiar with the phrase ‘think before you act’ as young girls everywhere suctioned their lips in shot glasses. Social evidence soon revealed shot glasses breaking, facial bruising and even permanent disfigurement.

7. Cinnamon Challenge

Most of these challenges may seem harmless, but there have been some cases where fun quickly changes from excitement to emergency. For example, in the popular 2012 “Cinnamon Challenge” participants attempted to swallow a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon in under one minutes. Failed attempts led to some injuries including severe cases of collapsed lungs due to cinnamon inhalation. People followed this blindly and made it one of the most ridiculous social media trends.

6. Sunburn Art

Ridiculous Sunburn Art Social Media Trend

More recently this photo phenomenon has led to the discovery of sunburn art. Yes, you heard right; sunburn art. To achieve this fleshy masterpiece, women strategically place sunscreen on certain parts of their skin, lie outside or in a tanning bed and let the areas unprotected skin burn. Then voila! Their cancer-including art and ignorance is free for all to see via the Instagram hashtag #sunburnart.

5. Skywalking

Ridiculous Skywalking Social Media Trend

A skyscraper may look like an average building to you and I, but to some it is a playground. Daredevils everywhere have taken death defying to all new heights with skywalking. These adrenaline junkies pose, hang and walk on the highest structures they can find without safety equipment in hopes of giving their audience a heart pounding show.

4. Swatting

It seems prank calling to ask if your refrigerator is running just doesn’t cut it anymore. Prankers are now dialing in to report false crimes that are taking place in homes of innocent people. Police, SWAT and even bomb squads have been dispatched only to realize someone has ‘cried wolf.’ This prank has become extremely popular on websites like twitch TV, a live streaming service for gamers, where swatters can witness a live feed of their prank.

3. YOLO – You Only Live Once

Ridiculous YOLO Social Media Trend

Rapper Drake seemed to inspire an army of naïve youth with his 2011 motto, You Only Live Once. Teens and young adults alike used this hashtag to somehow forgive what impulsive feats of ignorance followed. This modern “carpe diem” led to injuries acts such as people setting themselves on fire or pouring vodka in their eye to become inebriated faster.

2. The Don’t Judge Challenge

Ridiculous The Don't Judge Challenge Social Media Trend

The don’t judge challenge is one of the most ridiculous social media trends that people followed. In this challenge people recorded short videos after making some cosmetic changes on their face; painted red spots on their face to represent acne, joined their eyebrows, blacken their teeth, fatten their lips. It was a big hit and people uploaded 218,000 videos on YouTube. You can watch the don’t judge challenge compilation here.

1. Neknomination Challenge

Ridiculous Neknomination Social Media Trend

Thank God this trend is over now because in 2014 this ridiculous trend shook the world. Neknomination challenge involved recording your own video while consuming a large glass of alcohol, then nominating three of your friends to do same thing within 23 hours and this continues. This trend spread like a fire all on popular social media networks.

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