10 Real Life Mad Scientists in History of Medical Sciences

In today’s top unknowns list we bring you 10 real life mad scientists in history of medical sciences. Read more to know about the insanity of these scientists.

Real Life Mad Scientists in History

10. Sergei Brukhonenko

Real Life Mad Scientist Sergei Brukhonenko

In 1930’s Brukhonenko developed the first heart and lung machine. The device was used with mixed results in a series of experiment on dogs. Most notorious was the re-animation of a severed dog head that survived for minutes on artificial circulation. The public was skeptical of this experiment’s legitimacy until another scientist took the experiment several steps further.

9. Vladimir Demikhov

Real Life Mad Scientist Vladimir Demikhov

In 1954, Demikhov unveiled the world’s first surgically created two-headed dog. This involved grafting the upper body of puppy onto a fully grown large breed dog. This operation was done successfully 22 times. However the canines only lived for a month afterwards.

8. Josef Mengele

Real Life Mad Scientist Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele famously known as ‘Angel of Death’. He used to be one of the physicians who supervise prisoners. He was also responsible for determining who has to be killed, choose who to become laborer and for performing human experiments. He supervised an operation in which 2 Gypsy children was sewed to create conjoined twins who later died due to excessive bleeding.

7. Stubbins Ffirth

Real Life Mad Scientist Stubbins Ffirth

Stubbins Ffirth, a Philadelphian doctor formed a hypothesis that yellow fever was not infectious disease. To prove this he decided to perform a test on himself and drank the infected vomit. It was an insane act but luckily he didn’t fall ill because Yellow Fever only occurs as a result of bite of mosquito and its one of the most fatal diseases.

6. Harry Harlow

Real Life Mad Scientist Harry Harlow

A psychologist best known for his maternal-separation, dependency needs and social isolation experiments. Harlow kept infant monkeys in isolation chambers for up to 24 months. He called these chambers “The Pit of Despair”. The Monkeys were deprived from their mothers and physiologically tortured from which they emerged severely disturbed and completely lost in their own minds.

5. Albert Hofmann

Real Life Mad Scientist Albert Hofmann

A Swiss scientist best known for his studies with lysergic acid diethylamide better known as LSD. Hofmann was originally searching for a central nervous system stimulant medication. When he accidentally absorbed the LSD through his fingertips and discovered its powerful effects. On his 100th birthday Hofmann described the drug as “Medicine for the Soul”.

4. Wilhelm Reich

Real Life Mad Scientist Wilhelm Reich

Consider one of the most radical figures in history of psychiatry. Reich claimed to have discovered a cosmic energy, an extension of freud’s idea of the libido. He called the life force “Orgone Energy”. Reich experimented with weather control with his invention the “CloudBuster”. This invention allegedly manipulated the orgone energy in the atmosphere causing it to rain.

3. Jose Delgado

Real Life Mad Scientist Jose Delgado

Delgado was famed for the invention of the stimoceiver. A wireless brain monitor which worked with a transmitter planted in the heads of animals and humans. Delgado could switch the emotions of his subjects by remote. In a demonstration Delgado stood in a frond of a charging bull. In Mid-charge, flipped the switched and the bull simply stopped in its tracks.

2. Giovanni Aldini

Real Life Mad Scientist Giovanni Aldini

In the early nineteen century, scientist still struggled with the possibility of being lynched for practicing “Black Magic”. Aldini did not help this cause with his public demonstrations “Electro-Stimulations Techniques” on corpses. Aldini conducted several experiments with the current to make the deceased jump, shake, convulse and twitch.

1. Sidney Gottlieb

Real Life Mad Scientist Sidney Gottlieb

An American chemist and spymaster best known for his involvement with the CIA and the mind control program, MKULTRA. Gottlieb and his colleagues experimented with man manipulation simply by slipping unsuspecting citizens LSD and observing the effects.

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