10 Stunning Easter Eggs in Popular Video Games

10 stunning Easter eggs in popular video games. Like many people, there’s a good chance that when you find yourself with some free time the first thing you do is fire up that PC or console to do a little gaming. If you are like us, then a few minutes can end up turning into a few hours thanks to some rather entertaining video games. What can contribute to this time drain is the hunt for Easter eggs. Those hidden jokes and messages are often strewn throughout our favorite titles and finding one can be rewarding as finishing a level. See if you have uncovered or even knew about these following 10 eggs that have been hidden in some of the most popular gaming titles.

10 Stunning Easter Eggs in Popular Video Games

10. Star Wars BattleFront

When Dice and EA teamed up to release Star Wars Battlefront, fans were pretty pumped. After all, what star wars nerd doesn’t want to take down an AT-AT, fly an X-Wing or force choke some rebel scum as Darth Vader? While battlefront was criticized for being a bit light on the content and storyline you can’t say this title didn’t deliver an amazing star wars environment.

The graphics and sounds put anyone squarely in the galaxy far, far away with some subtle and hidden treats to boot. For instance, on Hoth, you may not have noticed that the Ion Cannon actually fires at a nearby star destroyer disabling it just like in the movie. On Jakku, if you look in the sky at the start of the level you’ll see a star destroyer crashing dramatically into the desert.

Both of these require you to actually look up, go it’s understandable if you missed them. Finally, pay attention during the introduction to the AT-ST tutorial on Sullust. In the background, you’ll see two storm troopers walking under a staircase. However, one bumps their head.

The subtle inclusion is a nod to the now-famous goof involving a storm trooper striking their head on a door in the original 1977 star wars.

9. Destiny

When developer Bungie jumped the Xbox-only ship in 2014, people took notice. You see, the release of Destiny was the developer’s first break from the popular Halo brand and its big move to provide content on all consoles. For the last three years, gamers have fought aliens, defended the tower and ranked up their characters. They have also discovered hidden rooms, characters and even a soccer ball and beach ball that can be kicked around for fun. However seasoned Halo fans have noticed the direct links between this new franchise and Bungie’s old game lineage. The level designs, the characters, even the music were all very Halo-Esque.

Well, it turns out there is also a pretty direct Halo reference hidden in the game. To find it, you need to head to mars and specifically the garden’s spire. Once here, head to the ‘iron line’ and find the section named ‘trenchworks.’ Central to this area is a large watchtower that looks unimportant. Run around the front of the tower, however, and you’ll see something that looks familiar. If you get the angle right, the features of the tower end up making the structure look exactly like master chief’s helmet.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ever dream of being a professional monster hunter? If the answer is ‘yes’ then The Witcher 3 is for you. With the deep storyline, fantastic graphics and action sequences it is rather easy to miss the many Easter eggs hidden throughout. In fact, there are so many we can’t actually go through them all here. Needless to say, if you like Pulp Fiction, Monty Python, Fight Club and Game of Thrones then you will likely get some of the subtle references sprinkled throughout this game. Get the blood and wine DLC and you’ll be confronted with an array of fairy-tale Easter eggs.

There’s a wrath named longlocks who just happens to have three sleeping bears nearby. There are three pigs suspiciously hiding out in a brick house because the other two houses have been destroyed. You will even come across a hungover wolf who will only fight you if you happen to have a red cape or, we guess a red riding hood. In fact, there are so many other references and hidden Easter eggs in the Witcher 3 that it’s probably best if you just play through it yourself and see how many you can find.

7. Battlefield 1

It’s a game that’s sure to make historians cringe and gamers cheer. Of course we’re talking about battlefield 1. If you haven’t heard of it or tried it this EA-Dice creation is very much the mold of Star Wars battlefront only with tanks, biplanes, zeppelins and rifles instead of walkers and blasters. It’s not the most historically accurate game, but we don’t think most gamers will really care. If you love getting sniped non-stop this is a game for you. However we’re here for Easter eggs and Battlefield 1 has a rather strange and intriguing one. In the multiplayer maps you may come across a set of headphones. Pick those up and take them to a radio and you’ll hear Morse code. The code instructs you to go on to another map which starts along journey of finding symbols and decoding messages. The process ends up being a little different for every player but in the end, if you followed and decoded everything properly you get a dog tag. That’s it! Well, you also get some more Morse code complete the gasping and screaming sounds. So what does it mean? No one really knows but they don’t think this is the end of this rather strange hidden storyline.


Way back in the 1990s, many a child spent hours or even days roaming through the pixelated 3-D landscapes found in the hit video game Doom. Over 20 years, a few sequels and one terrible movie later Bethesda and ID software teamed up to create a modern reincarnation of this classic. Sure, you could just make you way through each level shooting up endless waves of demon spawn. But where’s the fun in that? A little exploration will uncover a mountain of Easter eggs. For instance, those random levers found in each level open up rooms that look like they are straight out of the 1993 game. Ah yes, relive your youth shooting enemies in ultra-low resolution and primitive 3-D. When you are not doing that, there are all sorts of hidden gems referring other Bethesda titles, like Skyrim and Fallout. One of our favorites, however, is surely the Easter egg that happens when you fall in Lava. As you meet your fiery demise and sink into the molten metal your character’s last act is to give a thumbs up. It’s a clear reference to terminator 2, just without Arnold telling us ‘He’ll be Back.’

5. The Division

If you enjoy finding hidden references to popular television shows and movies, then Tom Clancy’s The Division is a definite must. Ok, so if you enjoy open world shooters, that’s also a good reason to get this game. But really, we’re just here for the Easter eggs. Most of the rather subtle gems can only be found using an ‘echo’ which is an in-game feature where past events are displayed as holograms. In one instance, you can find two characters named Jonathan Pinkman and William White. If those names sound familiar, then the description of White as a chemistry teacher and car wash owner are sure to tip you off that this is a direct Breaking Bad reference. Well, there’s an echo of a man named ‘Shaun’ crashing through a fence. Even if you are not using holograms, you can find pizza boxes around the city always paired up with a set of ancient weapons which makes us think there may just be some ninjas of the mutant turtle variety hanging around. Of course, there are so many references we can’t cover them all here so you should just go ahead and play the game for yourself.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight

He has a long line of successful movies, cartoons and television shows. Now, Batman can add video games to his resume of successes. Over the last several years the caped crusader has starred in a string of rather popular games. These have included Arkham Asylum, City and Origins. Then there’ 2015’s Arkham Night. In addition to being a great game, Knight is loaded with Easter eggs including references to Superman, Starro and even Ace, the bat dog seen in DC Comics. Of course, seeing is believing and this game has more than a few visual treats for the biggest DC fans. For instance, play the game on Halloween after completing the creature of the night side-quest and you’ll get startled by the reappearance of man bat while swinging around the buildings of Gotham while using your grapnel ability. Pay attention while watching CCTV footage and you’ll see Hitman Victor ZSASZ come into the shot. Beaten the game? Pay attention in the scene with the large crowd of reporters. You may just be able to pick out the distinctive bald head of Calendar man in the crowd another nemesis of the caped crusader who has defeated in an earlier game from the series.

3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If you know what we are talking about when we mention names like big boss and solid snake then you are likely a fan of the Metal Gear video game franchise. Its been around since 1987. This particular 2015 release was a massive hit with fans and critics scoring 5 stars and 10/10 pretty much everywhere. In addition to graphics, storyline and gameplay we think the numerous Easter eggs buried throughout the game were a real fan favorite. There are quite a few unlockable cut-scenes that can change depending on the date or how well your character is progressing. Take the hidden birthday footage as a perfect example. During the prologue, players are asked to put in a birthday date. If you happen to play the game on the date you entered then you were given a bit of surprise. Upon landing at the mother base, snake would be greeted by a small cast of supporting characters completed with a birthday song and cake. Just make sure when you blow out the candles you don’t spit on the cake.

2. Alien: Isolation

When you ask players how they felt about Alien: Isolation they either loved it or hated it. You see, this game was developed not as a first person shooter but as a real horror-survival game that puts you in a similar environment faced by Ripley in the classic 1979 film Alien. Spending the vast majority of the game running around hiding and trying not be dinner for the Xenomorph you do miss quite a few Easter eggs. What do we means? Well, as your character stumbles around the Sevastopol you may miss the origami unicorns scattered about. These are the direct nod to the film Blade Runner, a picture created by Alien director Ridely Scott. In fact, sticking with Alien-franchise directors, after you character emerges from the hypersleep chamber, look around. You will see an open magazine with a familiar looking man on one page. While it’s not definitively stated anywhere, many people think this is James Cameron. The popular director who was also in charge of directing Aliens, the sequel to the original. Of course, stick around too long and look at these Easter eggs and you’re likely to get knocked off by and android or the Alien itself.

1. Fallout 4

Who doesn’t love running around the radioactive wasteland while avoiding super mutants, raiders and radroaches? For years now, gamers have been immersed in the fallout franchise. With the arrival of Fallout 4, the wasteland world was expanded and as you’d expect from Bethesda the number of Easter eggs increased noticeably. For fans of classic TV and movies there are number of treats hidden throughout. You just need to pick up on them. If you are thirsty, you can always go to the prost bar. It’s not too far from swan pond, although we advise against bothering the swan. The inside of this watering hole might just look familiar, like the kind of place where everybody knows your name. That’s right, prost bar is set up to look almost exactly like the bar from the hit 80s TV show Cheers. It even has Sam’s office and two skeletons stationed in the same place as Norm and Cliff. There’s a jukebox, restrooms and pool table, all pretty much exactly where you’d expect to find them as well. Just don’t expect to find any fresh beer on tap because this place looks like it went out of business ages ago.

10 Stunning Easter Eggs in Popular Video Games

  1. Star Wars BattleFront
  2. Destiny
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  4. Battlefield 1
  5. DOOM
  6. The Division
  7. Batman: Arkham Knight
  8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  9. Alien: Isolation
  10. Fallout 4

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