10 Weirdest Gaming Competitions from Around the Globe

10 weirdest gaming competitions from around the globe. In our free time we want to do something entertaining or watch our favorite team competing in a match or all Olympic sports. Till now you guys might heard of normal sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket etc but today we bring you something different.

10 Weirdest Gaming Competitions from Around the Globe

10. Dwarf Throwing Contest

Weirdest Gaming Competition Dwarf Throwing Contest

Most people probably thought this ‘sport’ was just made-up but it’s very real and very bizarre. The politically incorrect among us will better know this competition as midget tossing, an event where contestants try and throw a little person the furthest or highest. In some instances, the person will wear a Velcro suit in order to stick to the wall. Despite the strong divide over the morality of such contests, dwarf throwing competitions remain very popular around the world and often take place in bars and clubs.

9. The World Sauna Championships

Weirdest Gaming Competition The World Sauna Championships

Every year, competitors swarm to Heinola, Finland to take part in this competition. The world sauna championship sees participants try and outlast one another by sitting in a 110 degree sauna which has half a liter of water added every 30 seconds. Competitors must remain upright and can’t use their hands to brace themselves. The last person able to take the heat and humidity wins. Unsurprisingly, contestants have to fill out a form saying they will take no legal action should anything bad or dangerous happen.

8. The World Gurning Championship

Weirdest Gaming Competition The World Gurning Championship

For the last several hundred years in England, some residents have taken part in a very strange competition. While most of us are taught not to make faces, competitors in Egremont, Cumbria specialize in it. Called ‘Gurning’, this competition involves putting a horse collar around your neck and making the most bizarre or funny face possible. Every year, the championship is handed out to a man and woman who can twist their face into some bizarre shape. Experts in the competition say that having no teeth is a major advantage and allows competitors to make the ugliest faces possible.

7. Toe Wrestling Championship

Weirdest Gaming Competition Toe Wrestling Championship

Most of us are familiar with the sport of arm wrestling, but toe wrestling? In the mid-1970s, bored English pub-goers created this sport where they use their feet to defeat their opponent. The two competitors place their feet flat against each other and interlock their toes. The first contestant to pin the other’s foot down for three seconds wins. Like all sports, there are rules to follow and cheating is not allowed. Although, we are not certain what the rule is about stinky feet?

6. Air Guitar Championship

Weirdest Gaming Competition Air Guitar Championship

Who hasn’t enjoyed rocking out to one of their favorite tunes while playing an imaginary guitar. Apparently, some people love it so much they turned it into a real competition which takes place every year in Oulu, Finland. Contestants from all over the world meet and, in front of a crowd, pretend to play a guitar while a song blasts over the speaker system. The rules are pretty simple. The more outlandish the better and you can‎’t have the backup or real instruments on stage because that would just be silly.

5. World’s Ugliest Dog

Weirdest Gaming Competition World’s Ugliest Dog

If you have ever watched a dog show and thought that a certain breed was too ugly to compete, then may be this competition is for you. Every year in Petaluma California, dog owners and dog lovers meet to see who has the ugliest pooch around. While some may see the pageant as a form of animal cruelty, pageant organizers say the event is used to raise awareness of adoption of mistreated dogs. In this business ugly is the way to go with this year’s winning dog receiving $1500 and a makeover on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

4. Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling World Championship

Weirdest Gaming Competition Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling World Championship

For this bizarre competition, picture athletes riding mountain bikes through a wetland. Throw on some goggles, a snorkel and have the riders go under-water and you have the mountain-bike bog snorkelling championship. Competitors try and ride their bikes underwater through the muddy and mucky water found in the bogs of such places as Wales, Australia, and Ireland. The whole thing isn’t as easy as you think as riders are not allowed to keep their heads above water to look where they are going. Considering how murky the water is, it adds yet another challenge to this unconventional competition.

3. The World Worm Charming Championship

Weirdest Gaming Competition The World Worm Charming Championship

You may be familiar with getting worms for use as bait when you go fishing, but some people take worms gathering to a whole new competitive level. Each year, in England, Canada, and the United States, participants square off against one another to see who can get the most worm from the ground. The team competes on 3 by 3-meter plots and have 30 minutes to charm as many worms to the surface as possible. Whoever collects the most worm wins. Everyone uses their own technique to entice the worms to the surface which can include jumping up and down, banging the ground with a tennis racket or vibrating a garden fork in the ground.

2. The Redneck Games

Weirdest Gaming Competition The Redneck Games

Started in Georgia in 1996, the redneck games are a celebration of everything redneck. Think of the regular Olympics, only with more beer, mud and toilet seats. Participants undertake a number of competitions which include such things as mud pit belly flopping, toilet seat throwing, bobbing for pigs’ feet, dumpster diving and of course, wet t-shirt contests. The competition has become so popular, variations of it have spread across the United States and even into Canada. These all are really fun contests.

1. Best Dressed Dead Animal Competition

Weirdest Gaming Competition Best Dressed Dead Animal Competition

When we see road-kill, most of us hopefully just keep right on driving. In New Zealand, they do thing a little differently. As part of one school competition, students rounded up all the dead possums they could find and then proceeded to dress them up. Horrified animal rights groups weren’t impressed but teachers and parents didn’t seem to care as the contest raised funds for the school. Spectators saw all sorts of bizarre entries which included a possum dressed as a princess, one riding a motorbike and another wearing a bikini and catching some rays.

List of 10 Weirdest Gaming Competitions from Around the Globe

  1. Dwarf Throwing Contest
  2. The World Sauna Championships
  3. The World Gurning Championship
  4. Toe Wrestling Championship
  5. Air Guitar Championship
  6. World’s Ugliest Dog
  7. Mountain Bike Bog Snorkeling World Championship
  8. The World Worm Charming Championship
  9. The Redneck Games
  10. Best Dressed Dead Animal Competition

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