Top 10 Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Top 10 most homophobic countries in the world. No matter where you go, there are people that hate or fear those that are different. When it comes to homosexuality, there are some places that same-sex couple is better off avoiding.

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Here is the list of 10 most homophobic countries from around the globe.

10. Iran

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Since 1979 there have been 4,000 to 6,000 gay men that have been executed for engaging in homosexuality relationships. Women found to be in lesbian relationships are not executed. However, they can receive fifty lashes for their crimes. A law passed in 1987 made sex changes legal, so many people undergo hormone treatments and surgery to appear heterosexual, rather than risk death.

9. Nigeria

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Due to strict Sharia law, homosexuals living in the northern part of the country may be stoned to death if found out. Dressing as a woman when the biologically male is also punishable with a fine and a year in prison due to section 284 of their penal code. In the southern regions, homosexuality is punishable by fourteen years in prison according to section 214. In 2012 there was even a bill passed that would make it illegal to hide a prison’s sexuality, meaning a person could be imprisoned for failing to report someone that they believed to be a homosexual.

8. Saudi Arabia

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Homosexual men in Saudi Arabia risk 100 lashes, banishment, and even castration if convicted, and it’s even worse if they are already married. If a married man engages in homosexual activity, Sharia law states that he is to be stoned to death. People do not have the right to privacy, so the government can obtain a court order at any time to search homes and vehicles in search of “evidence of incident acts”.

7. Turkey

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Homosexuality is not illegal in Turkey, but hate crimes and violence against transgendered people are alarmingly high. A report in 2011 found that 89% of trans women in Turkey had been detained, assaulted and blackmailed by police simply for crossing their path. Many homosexuals are murdered in so-called ‘Honor Killings’ and all too often the authorities are reluctant to press charges.

6. Dominica

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Members of the LGBT community can be jailed for up to ten years if convicted of gross indecency or twenty-five years if convicted of buggery. People convicted of these crimes must also undergo psychiatric therapy to cure them of their homosexuality. Unlike many other countries homosexuality acts between two women are just as punishable as an act between two men. Additionally, Dominica does not often investigate complaints of abuse from the LGBT citizens and will not step in during an attack.

5. Afghanistan

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

‘Honor Killings’ are not unheard of in Afghanistan for wives or daughters that humiliate the men in their families, but it also happened to LGBT children if their parents suspect they are engaging in same-sex relations or even thinking about it. It is not illegal for men to engage in homosexual activity with young boys, but for illegal for two men. Many homosexual individuals will hide their sexuality, marrying members of the opposite sex for protection from discrimination and exile.

4. Uganda

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Having a same sex relationship here can cost someone fourteen years of their life in prison with some of the most deplorable conditions. Simply portraying or mentioning a homosexual, even in play, has caused people to be detained or even deported. Newspapers have even posted the names and addresses of suspected homosexuals in the hopes that others will retaliate and become violent against them.

3. India

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

Despite homosexuality becoming legal in 2009, the law was reversed four years later in December 2013. The original law was more than 153 years old and referred to same-sex relations as ‘unnatural’ and was punished by up to ten years in prison if convicted. Transwomen, are known as ‘Hijras’ and are considered lower than a second-class citizen. Many are forced to beg on the streets and are often victims of violent crime despite the fact that many believe they are touched by God.

2. Jamaica

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

While there are no specific laws disallowing gay, lesbian, transgendered, or bisexual people in Jamaica, there are laws against same-sex intercourse. Persons convicted of engaging in anal sex can be imprisoned for up to ten years with hard labor. Simply holding hands or hugging another man could lead to prison time. Hate crimes, such as corrective rape of woman thought to be lesbians, and murder of LGBT individuals is not uncommon either and police often do not investigate when it’s reported.

1. Russia

Most Homophobic Countries in the World

A law passed by Vladimir Putin in 2013 made homosexual ‘Propaganda’ illegal, meaning there could be no public demonstrations, or performances involving homosexual characters or any form of LGBT rights group. 88% of citizens voted for the law. There was an even talk of passing a law that would allow police to take away the children of gay couples, but this was eventually dropped. Since the 2013 ruling, instances of violence against members of the LGBT community have skyrocketed leading many to hide their sexuality for fear of retaliation.

Top 10 Most Homophobic Countries in the World – Featuring

  1. Iran
  2. Nigeria
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Turkey
  5. Dominica
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Uganda
  8. India
  9. Jamaica
  10. Russia

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