Top 10 Most Embarrassing Red Carpet Moments Caught on Camera

Red Carpets are a necessary evil in showbiz. Many celebs don’t enjoy the walk, but its all part of the package! Since the red carpet events happen live and mostly unrehearsed, you just never know what can happen when you mix celebrities with fans, reporters and just well, open Air! Here are 10 most embarrassing red carpet moments caught on camera. We are sure most of these stars would like to forget these moments.

Embarrassing Red Carpet Moments Caught on Camera

Here is list of 10 embarrassing red carpet moment caught live on TV.

10. Falling for the Stars

Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk is known for his red carpet celebrity antics. When Leonardo Dicaprio attended the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2014, Sediuk lunged at the star’s crotch area, hugging him around the waist like and obsessed fan. Leo was initially surprised but took it all in stride and even let out a smile and a pat on the head for Sediuk until security interfered and pulled him away. Sediuk pulled the same prank on Bradley Cooper at the SAG Awards that same year, which make for some very awkward but hilarious photos. Sediuk also got slapped in the face by Will Smith for trying to kiss him at the Men in Black III premiere and got thrown out by security after crawling under America Ferrera’s dress at the Cannes Film Festival.

9. Flour Power

Kim Kardashian looked stunning as she arrived at her own perfume launch in West Hollywood in 2012. Sadly the beautiful moment didn’t last long as an unidentified woman flour bombed Kim, leaving her covered in heaps of whiter powder. The reason for the attack is still unknown, though it is reported that the woman yelled out ‘Fur Hag’ before pelting Kardashian, who has been targeted in the past for wearing real fur. Kim left to go dust herself off and like a champ, returned unfazed just a few minutes later.

8. Ashes to Ashes

Sacha Baron Cohen has brought us hilarious characters like Ali G and Borat, but when the actor/comedian showed up as General Aladeen to promote his film The Dictator on the Oscars 2012 Red Carpet, Ryan Seacrest wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next. Aladeen arrived holding an urn with what he told Seacrest was filled with the ashes of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. Before that, he casually tipped the ashes on to Ryan’s very expensive Burberry suit. Though he handled it quite well at the time. It was evident from Ryan’s shocked expression that he was none too pleased about the incident, as his team worked tirelessly to clean him up during a commercial break. It was later revealed that the ashes were in fact pancake mix.

7. Jen Goes Diving

While accepting her best actress Oscar in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence fell up the stairs while going to collect her award. Many saw this as a cute little trip-up that happened in a moment of sheer excitement, so few expected Jennifer to fall at the Oscars yet again the following year. Just minutes after stepping out of her car and onto the red carpet, J. Law took a tumble while waving to fans and then, yet again, the infamously klutzy star fell at the Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2 premiere in Madrid last year.

6. Scarlett’s Grope

When fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi was interviewing stars on the red carpet at The 2016 Golden Globes, he got a little too personal. After asking Eva Longoria what her pubic hair looked like and peaking down Teri Hatcher’s gown, he began asking Scarlett Johansson what she was wearing under her dress and then took it upon himself to grab her breast to see what her padding felt like. Later in an interview, Scarlett said Mizrahi’s actions were embarrassing and in poor taste.

5. Amy Who?

Amy Schumer thought it’d be a funny idea to fake all in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the time 100 Ceremony Red Carpet last April. Schumer threw herself at their feet as they walked by probably expecting a big reaction, but the joke turned out to be on Schumer, as Kim and Kanye nonchalantly walked over and around her, acting as though nothing had even happened. Kim gave a quick smile, while stone-faced Kanye just looked a little confused by the strange woman faceplanted his feet.

4. Zac’s ‘Rubbery’ Incident

We are glad to know that Zac Efron practices safe sex. But we’re sure he didn’t want to announce it to the world at a kid’s movie premiere. At the 2012 premiere of The Lorax, a condom fell out of Zac’s pants pocket and onto the red carpet. He very quickly picked it up and handed it over to his assistant before sheepishly grinning over the incident. He handled it very cooly, especially when being asked about it on talk shows, even joking that he’s now instated a pocket – checking policy before waling a red carpet.

3. Top ‘Water’ Gun

At the London premiere of ‘War of the Worlds’ in 2005, a man posing as a reporter was asking Tom Cruise some questions on the red carpet, in mid interview, he squirted Cruise with a water gun disguised as a microphone. A fuming Cruise grabbed the man’s arm and scolded him, calling him a jerk apparently this fake reported was working on a comedy show for a British TV station, but it actually turned out to be a cringe-worthy moment to watch rather than a funny one.

2. The Gigi/Harry Faceoff

When Giuliana Rancic was interviewing one direction on the red carpet at the American Music Awards last year, she saw model Gigi Hadid in the background and invited her over. Gigi is best friends with Taylor Swift, who also happens to be Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend. This made for a slightly awkward run-in, as Gigi walked over and embraced all the one direction men in a very friendly way, except for Harry, who got nothing more than a formal handshake.

1. Angelina’s Leg

When Angelina Jolie arrived with Brad Pitt to the 2012 Oscars, it was her right leg that was stealing all the headlines. Though she looked absolutely stunning in her Versace gown, Jolie seemed all too eager to display that right leg, sticking it out in various awkward-looking positions, making sure that photographers got it from every angle. The leg took on a life of its own as it turned into an internet meme and had a twitter account called ‘Angie’s Right Leg’ created in its honor which garnered thousands of followers.

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Red Carpet Moments Caught on Camera – Spoiler

  1. Falling for the Stars
  2. Flour Power
  3. Zac’s ‘Rubbery’ Incident
  4. Ashes to Ashes
  5. Scarlett’s Grope
  6. Jen Goes Diving
  7. The Gigi/Harry Faceoff
  8. Top ‘Water’ Gun
  9. Amy Who?
  10. Angelina’s Leg

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