Top 10 Most Viral Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is one of the amazing ways to create a hype about a product or service whether they are carried offline or online. Today in the top unknowns list we bring you top 10 most viral video marketing campaigns that produced epic results.

10 Most Viral Video Marketing Campaigns

10. Contrex – Ma Contrexperience – 97s

Contrex is a mineral water brand owned by Nestle since 1992. The company started a campaign that went viral on the internet. This racy bike campaign is actually an advertisement for contrex mineral water. Purpose of this campaign was to tell people that you can lose weight easily by have a balanced diet, drink water and exercise regularly.

9. WestJet – Real-Time Giving

WestJet passengers saw their Christmas wishes come true. When the gifts they had wished for before boarding their plane were delivered to them at their destination. For this marketing campaign WestJet won 3 awards; 1. Award for best use of social media for a consumer brand, 2. Award for best use of social media for travel and 3. Award for best viral campaign.

8. LG – So Real It’s Scary

In 2012, LG created a really scary ad for the promotion of their new IPS Monitors. LG prank elevator passengers to show off their life-like screens. This video campaign is viewed by more than 24 million people till date.

7. Volvo Trucks – Van Damme The Epic Split

Volvo demonstrated the precision of dynamic steering with the help of famous Hollywood star Jan Claude Van Damme. This video instantly gone viral and is viewed by more than 81 million people till date.

6. Coca-Cola – Bringing Pakistan and India Together

In 2013, Coca-Cola tried to brought Pakistan and India together through a video campaign. Purpose of this video was to break the barriers between two nations. The video immediately gone viral on the internet and was viewed by more than 3 million people.

5. GoldieBlox – Princess Machine

GoldieBlox showed girls abandoning princess play for STEM field toys. This toys are specially designed for girls to develop their interest in engineering and confidence in problem-solving. GoldieBlox – Princess Machine video campaign went viral on the internet and viewed by more than 2.5 million people.

4. Red Bull Stratos – The Felix Baumgartner Jump

Red Bull Stratos jump broke 3 world records, including the record for highest altitude jump set in 1960. Baumgartner also became the first human to jump from the stratosphere. If you haven’t seen this before then watch it below:

3. Pepsi Max – Test Drive

In this video commercial Jeff Gordon a professional racing driver took a car salesman on a wild ride. Thanks to Pepsi! This short video film was released in 2013 and is viewed by more than 45 million people till date.

2. Jimmy Kimmel Live – Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire!

The internet was on fire over this ‘twerk fail’. In this video a girl catches fire while dancing and Jimmy Kimmel rescue her. Watch the video below which has more than 20 million views.

1. Carrie Movie – Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

For the promotion of movie, Kimberly Peirce the director of Carrie movie staged a prank in a coffee shop. This promotion technique surprised and shocked everyone present in the café enjoying their cup of coffee. This video campaign gone viral and was viewed by more than 64 million people.

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